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Design & Construct

Sanwell Pty Ltd has vast experience in commercial plumbing design. To honour our design philosophy, “Concept to Completion”, our dedicated team applies proven practical experience and technical knowledge to ensure the best possible project solution.

We maintain a library of current Building Codes and Australian Standards relevant to our design criteria including local Authorities standards and requirements.

Each project is unique and provides its own challenges in construction philosophy and innovation opportunities. With this in mind, we ensure that we understand products and materials and new technology in moving forward on any job or project.

As part of the process we can provide design alternatives that best suit the build.
Sanwell will provide a cost-effective Design and Construction package that encompasses the latest in technology and products available to our industry

Our Design Services can include;

  • Schematic Design Drawings

  • Design Developments Drawings

  • Detailed Design Drawings

  • Service Coordination Drawings

  • Shop Drawings

  • Penetration Drawings

  • Selection of Product and Equipment and Technical Data Submissions

  • Design Proposals and Specifications

  • Builders Works Drawings

  • As-Constructed Documentation

  • Water Corporation Sewer Plan Drawings

  • Fire Block Plans

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